2 thoughts on “Janelle Gilchrist

  1. Hello Ms. Gilchrist, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. My 12-year-old daughter, Jordan, just started summer ballet/point classes (Thursday nights) at TWDC on 6/25/15 and you taught her class on 7/2. Jordan was a little frustrated after the first class but she was happy after the class you taught because she said that you took the time to teach the various moves and that made her feel very comfortable. Will you be teaching every Thursday or will the instructors alternate? I noticed you teach at other locations…do they offer summer programs? Do you do private lessons? Thank you very much.

    Molly Brewster

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    1. Dear Molly, sorry I am just getting back to you, like almost a year later. I was having trouble with my website and it is finally going smoothly again. Thank you for your note. That is so nice to hear. Did Jordan continue with dance? Where is she dancing now? I can advise you further if you are still looking for dance instruction. Cheers, Janelle


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